334310_origAl Simpson is a bass guitarist and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Manchester, UK. A highly sought after freelance musician with playing experience in a wide range of musical genres, Alasdair can be seen performing across the UK with various projects. A firm grounding in rhythm section and backline playing ensures versatility, passion and groove in every performance.

After more than a decade of  friendship and occasional gigs, Dan is pleased to have Al officially onboard as bass player extraordinaire! Giggity!


Ed Dennis has built a solid reputation as one of the best drummers around, and is in very high demand. One of Ed’s snare hits can make you blink from 3 miles away, and he can eat more Chinese food in one sitting than the entire population of Hong Kong.



Dan and the boys sometimes invite friends and special guests to join them at gigs. Here’s just a few of them: Malford Milligan (vocals), Miles Gilderdale (guitar), Lucy Mizen (vocals), Emma Wilson (vocals), Colin Hartshorn (saxophone), Rob Donnelly (guitar/vocals), Nick Sumner (guitar), Frank Mizen (bass), Dan Mizen (bass/drums), Paul Galbraith (bass).