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‘Mary Ann’ (Ray Charles cover – instrumental) @ St. Pancras International

 ‘Take out the trash’ (Original)

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I've considered cruise work in the past - guaranteed wage, see the world, expenses included, etc.
Trouble is, most cruise jobs seem to be 4-5 gigs a day, 6 days a week, for a minimum of 3 months.

I did 3 x 2 hour gigs yesterday, and I'm wiped out. I think I'd quickly begin to hate gigging if I was doing it that intensely - just don't think I'm built for that sort of thing! 🚢 💩 🎹 🎤

Had the strangest dream.
I was invited to play with Jools Holland and his R&B Orchestra, where Jools and I did the gig on electric pianos in the dressing room, while the rest of the band were on stage, until the final song when we went out and did a 'four hands' boogie.

I woke up at 5.30am with dreadful heartburn and acid reflux, and as I'm wide awake, have decided to investigate ways of getting a support slot.

Imagine that, DB & JH giving it some beans together on the pianna...let's see if we can pull some strings...!

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Tomorrow afternoon I'll be doing my thing at Pitcher & Piano Harrogate, marginally later than the usual 3pm slot.

Come get some music inside you..!