#SmallWorldEP reaches #5 in the IBBA album chart for 2017, and was the 2nd most played album in December!

After being released only 8 weeks earlier, the EP has made a huge impact so far and the word is still spreading like wildfire…!

Click the Small World E.P. tab for more info on how YOU can hear it!





‘Time has come’ (solo version) from the brand new ‘Small World E.P.’

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Two weeks on Tuesday (Feb 6th), I’m making a 500 mile round trip to play a gig at The Tuesday Night Music Club in Coulsdon.

Obviously this isn’t something that happens on a regular basis, so it would be fantastic to see as many of you there, while I’m darn sarf.
Tickets are a mere Lady Godiva, which is around 1/16th of the amount of diesel my car will drink on the journey, and you get to relax and watch me work..!

If you’re London/Surrey based, and love blues and soul music, then you’d be a fool to miss out - and I’ve heard you’re no fool!

Then it’s settled, see you there. 😎👍🏻


Tomorrow (Wed) - Harry's Bar, Wakefield 9pm
Thu - The Potting Shed - Guiseley 6pm
Fri - Private event
Sun - SO! bar and eats Harrogate 8pm

The DB Band pre-soundcheck. Look at the hunger in their eyes - I’d better find them a curry house...

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