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the den, Harrogate 3-5pm
Black Swan Hotel, Helmsley 9pm

Tomorrow (Sunday)
Pitcher & Piano Harrogate 3pm


Sat - Private event
Sun - Smokestack, Leeds 8pm
Mon - The Harrogate Brasserie 6pm

Let me give you an example of EXACTLY what's wrong with both Facebook's 'pay-to-reach existing followers of your page' bullshit, possibly intertwined with the entire lack of interest from a huge majority of people:

Last week I posted a 1-take demo version of a brand new song, here's the FB stats for this (so far):
• 9 likes / 1 comment / 6 shares / total reach 968

A day later, I posted a humorous photo about The Voice that I found online, here's the FB stats for this (so far):
117 likes / 28 comments / 118 shares / total reach 26,239

Come on people, we can surely do better than this..?! Artists pouring our hearts out visually and audibly to be overlooked by 99% of everyone who would rather watch 'talent' gameshows than go to a live performance - when all we want you to do is feel something from the art we create, through relatability and genuine interest.

My point here is that if good original art & music isn't getting a reasonable amount of exposure through shares/likes/appreciation/attendance, then why do we bother to share our creativity at all..?!